Sunday, June 18, 2006

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

News . . .

Tomorrow, Friday, June 2nd, is the last day for extra credit as I announced previously in class. I cannot make exceptions to this so I can start to get the points added up, etc. Thanks for a great class.

Well, I think I told you that this issue would explode. It has not yet exploded, but it's on the verge. I am still not sure what to make of it. If a massacre occured at the hands of our troops, then certainly it needs to punished. However, I am surprised at the rush to judgment. Very few of the facts are out yet, but Murtha, Bush, etc. have already condemned the soldiers. I guess I am just surprised that a combat vet and the commander-in-chief would take that stance before charges are even filed, let alone a trial actually completed.

But here are some more pieces on the brewing mess . . .

Thoughts On The Haditha Massacre

Officers Likely to Be Charged in Haditha Killings, Sources Say

Atrocity claims test Marines, country
What people are saying about the killings in Haditha

Haditha: A new cloud in the fog of war
A proven Iraqi massacre by US Marines would add pressure to remove troops.

We'll see where this goes. I can't imagine that Iran could care at all what these countries have to say. Now, it is possible that if the citizens get wind of possible sanctions, etc. and lead towards toppling the regime. But it will be a bloody day if that is what it comes to.

Six Nations Agree on Iran Incentives

Here is some encouraging news about the economy . . . wage increases mean little. Good luck in the lotto.

Why those pay hikes are not going very far
Wages are up from a year ago. Inflation is creeping up, too

In the order of truly amazing, homeland security has cut funding in the most peculiar places. Well, at least now we know that no one knows what's going on . . . If there is an area where Bush ought take some unilateral action, this seems to be one of them . . .

N.Y. Steamed Over Terror Fund Cutbacks, Search Engine Marketing

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The News never stops . . .

On to the news. The first article shows that politicians never have easy decisions to make. Certainly most people are not terribly sympathetic towards sex offenders. Politicians must make difficult decisions as to what to do with sex offenders after they have served their sentences.

Sex Offender Housing Scarce
High-risk parolees are unwelcome almost everywhere, and state officials are struggling to find places for them to live after release.

More on the other side of the Haditha issue. Many are starting to wonder if Murtha condemned too soon.

Father of Marine Backs Son's Iraq Comrades

And still on the other side . . .

Haditha: Massacre and cover-up?

To be honest, I am very surprised at this ruling. The implications this has are many. But the main one is don't be surprised as more public employees look the other way when they see something wrong or immoral.

Justices muzzle public workers

Head-scratching follows Garcetti ruling

And more on scandals that few Americans have any clue over . . .

Law needed to limit FBI raids, lawmaker says

And this. You never know when Jesus might come back as a surfer. . . Dean Sabate and his wave-riding friends spread the Gospel on Waikiki, searching for the hopeless, lonely and lost in paradise

Onward Christian Surfers

And you thought the dating world was tough. Here is a woman who was awarded $2.1 million award in a lawsuit because a matchmaker did not offer her suitable matches.

Woman Gets $2 Million in Matchmaker Lawsuit
She paid $125,000 to a Beverly Hills firm but said she received no introductions to appropriate men., Search Engine Marketing

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More news . . .

Again, some more on the Haditha murders. We will see how this impacts our standing in Iraq. It is amazing what the acts, albeit they horrible acts, of just a few can negatively impact the good efforts of so many.

Haditha fallout
Charges of murder, cover-up possible against Marines

We have not had anything about the immigration issue for awhile, so here you go.

Illegal Immigrants, Our Low-Income Taxpayers

Here is an very interesting two part-article. I know that many of you are looking for the quickest read possible, but this will be worth your while. It should get you thinking, if nothing else.

The Delusions of Global Hegemony

The Arrogance of American Power

And this just because

Scientists count elusive alligators, Search Engine Marketing

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day . . .

Some different perspectives on Memorial Day . . .

"My Soldiers, My Veterans" by John Nichols, very liberal

Memorial Day Reflections on those who made the ultimate sacrifice. by Christopher Hitchens, very conservative, at least on the war.

Bush Invokes the Fallen, Past and Present

Remembering and Forgetting

Some more on the controversy that is brewing on the Marines killing Iraqi civilians . . .

Bloody Scenes Haunt a Marine
Member of a unit under investigation recalls a day in Iraq that claimed a buddy and civilians.

And this from Kabul

Anti-U.S. Rioting Erupts in Kabul; at Least 14 Dead

And this from the NY Times:

The Troops Have Moved On

The article reads, in part,

We are at the outset of a long war, and not just in Iraq. Yet it is being led politically by the short-sighted, from both sides of the aisle. The deterioration of American support for the mission in Iraq is indicative not so much of our military conduct there, where real gains are coming slowly but steadily, but of chaotic leadership.
Somehow Operation Iraqi Freedom, not a large war by America's historical standards, has blossomed into a crisis of expectations that threatens our ability to react to future threats with a fist instead of five fingers. Instead of rallying we are squabbling, even as the slow fuse burns.

This from Hugh Hewitt. (You'll have to scroll down a bit to get to this. Still, reading his blog is always enjoyable, so it is worth the scroll down.)

No Attack On the Foundations of the West Should Go Unanswered (Bumped for the Memorial Day Weekend)

And this just because it's interesting . . .

Quit protesting, profs!
A grading strike at British universities is sending ambitious students a clear message: apply to Harvard., Search Engine Marketing

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just some interesting stuff

I thought that some of you might be interested in these stories . . .

Hollywood Caters to a Ravenous Global Appetite

What is so interesting about the Jefferson investigation is that it shows two things:
1) there is a well-respected tradition of the separation of powers in the United States that would be hard for many other countries to understand.
2) When Pelosi and Hastert demand that the records be returned because they believe "the search as an illegal violation of the constitutional separation of powers" it shows how out of touch they are. The average American could care less about the implications of the separation of powers in our government. All they know is that if they had alleged done something illegal they would not expect that the FBI would not search their house just because the FBI has never in the history of our country has searched their office. Certainly these are important issues, but no one understands or cares what Hastert and Pelosi are complaining about. In fact, it just makes it look like Jefferson has something to hide. In fact, maybe Gary Condit has hidden Chandra Levy's body in his office since he would have known that all his peeps would have had his back in preventing a search of it.

A Defiant Stance In Jefferson Probe
Justice Dept. Talked of Big Resignations If White House Agreed to Return Papers, Search Engine Marketing

Friday, May 26, 2006

Here we go again . . .

Just some stuff from world events:

First, it is amazing that we have violence, yet again, in East Timor.

UN pulls staff from E Timor chaos

And something that you could not have imagined happening yesterday . . . okay, well, the day before.

Hamas discuss plan implying recognition of Israel

And here is some stuff on the presidency since we just discussed it in class . . .

'I'll miss his ties' - Bush's tribute to tongue-tied ally PM wins fighter-jet software deal, but can expect no favours over UN reform

Bush, Blair admit mistakes

Enemy of the People - Al Gore or George Bush?

Pelosi Promises Bush Impeachment Highly Unlikely

President Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush

More later . . ., Search Engine Marketing

The news keeps coming . . .

It would be hard to start the day without looking at Enron. While Lay and Skilling will be spending a great deal of time in jail--Skilling is eligible for over 100 years in prison--what is more interesting is what people will say about what this all means. The Republicans seem to be rather quiet about it, at least on the talk circuit, though I did hear Hugh Hewitt give a rather eloquent discussion about it.

In Enron Case, a Verdict on an Era

Prosecution: Lay Testimony Helped Our Case

Jurors: Ex-Enron execs not credible

Bush wins a victory with Hayden's confirmation. Some had thought that Hayden would not be able to go through because of his military background, which always seemed to be a silly argument. But some like silly arguments.

Senate Confirms Hayden as C.I.A. Chief

Here is an interesting little piece about Bush and Blair admitting mistakes in the war effort.

Bush and Blair Concede Errors, but Defend War

Some more war related stuff

Status Quo Gitmo

Here is some more stuff on avian flu, which is probably something we'd all be wise to keep abreast of.

Q&A: Is This the 'Mother of All Bird Flu Clusters'?

And just because you should never pass over a good book and Martin Jay has been writing them for some time, here is a review of his most recent effort.

Keeping It Real

Here is an excerpt:

There is something inherently strange about a familiar scene in modern Western intellectual history, one re-enacted many times during the past two centuries. A philosopher is in his study, constructing rational arguments on behalf of authentic experience--which he nearly always defines as nonrational. Somehow, he thinks, we are being robbed of primal, unmediated contact with the palpitating forces of real life. The obstacles to vitality may lie in the desiccating powers of modern science or in the encrustations of traditional religion or, if the philosopher is hostile to narratives of progress and decline, in the human condition. Whatever its explanatory framework, this philosophical cult of experience arises from a sense that full engagement with existence has somehow been rendered problematic, whether by social, spiritual or economic arrangements or by the sheer perversity of the individual psyche. Authentic experience, from this view, seems always maddeningly just out of reach.

More later . . ., Search Engine Marketing
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